What is Functionality Testing?

Functionality testing is employed to verify whether your product meets the intended specifications and functional requirements laid out in your development documentation.

What is the purpose of Functionality Testing?

As competition in the software and hardware development arena intensifies, it becomes critical to deliver products that are virtually bug-free.

Functionality testing helps your company provide products with a minimum amount of issues to an increasingly sophisticated pool of end users. Gone are the days when users will quietly find their own workarounds for bug-filled technology.

Potential purchasers of your products may find professional and consumer review sites online where honest and often brutal product reviews and bug reports deter them from buying your software. nResult will help ensure that your product functions as intended, keeping your service and support calls to a minimum.

Let our trained professionals find functional issues and bugs before your end users do!

How can nResult help you deliver high quality products that are functionally superior to products offered by your competition?

We offer several types of functional testing techniques:

  • Ad Hoc – Takes advantage of individual testing talents and intelligence based upon consideration of product goals, level of user capabilities and possible areas and features that may create confusion. The tester will generate test cases on the spur of the moment, as quickly as possible, as ideas occur to them. This kind of testing generally finds most bugs in new software in the shortest possible time.
  • Exploratory – The tester designs and executes tests while learning the product. Test design is organized by a set of concise patterns designed to assure that testers don’t miss anything important.
  • Combination – The tester performs a sequence of events using different paths to complete tasks. This can uncover bugs related to order of events that are difficult to find using other methods.
  • Scripted – The tester uses a test script that lays out the specific functions to be tested. A test script can be provided by the customer/developer or constructed by nResult, depending on the needs of your organization.

Let nResult help you make sure that your hardware or software will function as intended. Our team will check for any anomalies or bugs in your product, through any or all stages of development, to help increase your confidence level in the product you are bringing to market.

Whether you want us to augment your internal test group, or if you are looking for a complete test source from alpha through gold master stages, nResult offers you a detailed, reasonably priced solution to meet your testing needs.