Trend Analysis

Track your customer experience

The significance of tracking trends and patterns in your customers’ sentiments are critical to maintaining company growth and increasing your bottom line. Datafyer provides real-time monitoring of your company’s trends by analyzing end-user sentiments in reviews and on social media, helping you make long-term strategic decisions based on your consumers’ opinions and feelings.

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How to leverage Trend Analysis for your company.

  • Develop a competitive edge by gaining insight directly from your consumers.
  • Identify opportunities early-on and capitalize on them efficiently.
  • Anticipate change; quickly learn what your customers need.
  • Distinguish between short-lived fads and long-term trends.
  • Predict future problems and make adjustments to avoid them.

Trend Analysis allows you to accurately predict future consumer perceptions of your company and products.

By analyzing your customer experience over time, Datafyer is able to identify the history of your customers’ sentiment. We then pinpoint areas of success and failure, allowing you to properly maneuver for the future. We supply real-time data, ensuring you have the latest trends of your customers. So when you’re forecasting future perception of your company and products, you can have confidence that our Trend Analysis will provide you the most current information.

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Preventive Measures via Trend Analysis

Imagine effectively predicting the arrival of a problem and solving it long before it ever took place. Do just that with Trend Analysis. One of the goals of Trend Analysis is to protect your current and future investments by utilizing consumer experience data. We help diagnose areas of improvement, allowing you to pivot before they become a serious issue. Likewise, we help identify ways to capitalize on positive trends and prevent you from missing out on potential growth opportunities.

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Trends Report Example

In this example, view how the product’s sentiment changes over time for each category. You can compare a category verses another category to learn where to make improvements and continue growth. Likewise, a Competitive Analysis trends report would provide a product’s category side-by-side with its competition, helping you better understand the product’s place in the market.

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