nResult provides QA services to Open Source Community

By October 2, 2015Newsroom

nResult utilizes various Open Source tools for a variety of critical functions. Easy to customize, vibrantly supported, and easy to update, open source software has been a great fit for nResult’s quick moving client base and agile project load. We are willing to make a contribution to open source community with QA services support.

Open source community provides us lot of useful applications and systems each day and they should have something in return so we are glad to help with free support. nResult provides various testings and provides information gathered from accessibility, compatibility, functionality, performance and other testings.

In order to keep open source software on the cutting edge, nResult is giving back by making its Quality Assurance resources available to the Open Source community free of charge.

Any project that is being developed and distributed free of charge is eligible for this free support. To learn more, feel free to Contact Us.