Compatibility Testing Is Essential for Business Applications

By March 1, 2017Newsroom

It is impossible to imagine the 21st century without IT involvement. Each day there are millions of software users, using dozens of different operating systems translated to most of the languages of the world, and thousands of different hardware installed with innumerable combinations of software. Because of this, businesses are struggling to make their products compatible to all or most of their end users. Thorough compatibility testing is important for businesses to navigate this maze and have a successful end product.

Compatibility testing requires a fully equipped lab

Compatibility testing can be a complex procedure. Depending on the intended use of the product, this may involve setting up environments to closely simulate those of end users, be it desktops, servers, laptops, phones or tablets. At nResult, we have hundreds of the most popular software and hardware available to crested an environment specifically for our clients. Let us know what you require and nResult will help get your product tested and ready to be used by your customers.

Determine level of compatibility testing required

There are many different types of applications being used worldwide on a daily basis. These range from simple web applications for your phone to much more complicated desktop applications for business and individuals.. An application that is used only inside a company during work hours has different compatibility needs than used by consumers globally. As a result a detailed test plan has to be set up for each to determine what is important to cover and what is not.

Determine which operating systems are being used

The operating system or environment an application runs in can also have a major impact on application stability and performance. Something as simple as a routine update from Google or Microsoft can have major performance implications for an application. When users see the performance of an application slow down drastically they will quickly lose patience and move to something else. This could quite possibly be to the application of your competition.

Report all issues

Software and compatibility testing starts with the creation of a detailed test plan that seek to cover all the interactions a user would perform or encounter. A developer will then address and correct the issues and the failed test case will then be tested again. Many times related tests will also be performed again to make sure functionality still works as expected.

Growing need for outsourcing compatibility services

Many times companies don’t have the resources needed to ramp up testing just before product release. These are the times it is beneficial to have a third party test facility to help and get the new product released as bug free and quickly as possible. At nResult, we offer a wide range of quality assurance services with compatibility testing being just one part. With our certification, clients are assured that their products are functioning as expected on all needed platforms and systems. For more information, check our page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.